Gold Comet Eggs

What I was asking is are your eggs from White Rocks and New Hampshires, or from Golden Comet hens? If they are from Golden Comet hens, they really arent Golden Comet eggs, since the Golden Comet is a hybrid that doesnt breed true, as I understand it.
A doz+ Golden Comet including shipping $25. I will know how many I have by Friday. If you are interested email me. I will ship if they are ready Monday and Tuesday 9-29 & 9-30.

All eggs will be securely packaged. I can not however guarantee hatching just like anyone else. I will include enough extras to make it an attractive deal.

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These eggs come from the Golden Comet. They are prolific egg layers. I'm not sure about what kind of birds they produce - but if you eggs? This is the bird for you.


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