Gold Comet Pullet Comb/Waddle Color. Worm concern?


Apr 26, 2020
So I have six gold comets that I got as chicks, and they are now almost 16 weeks old. Four of them still have quite small/pale combs and waddles. Two of them have larger red combs and waddles. Roughly when should I expect them to turn fully red and start laying? I thought this was to be expected around 16 weeks. They don’t seem to be lethargic. It has been hit here so they’ve been hanging out in the shade a lot, but so would I with the heat we have had lately!

I noticed today that one of them had diarrhea, but I think it may be because my wife left too many treats out for them last evening (veggie scraps). Should I be concerned about worms or anything else?


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My gut is that everything is fine with your flock. 16 weeks old is a bit on the young side even for sex links. Different birds mature at different times. The four with smaller 'wattles' are just maturing more slowly than the other two.

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