Golden Comets


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7 Years
Jul 4, 2012
I have been looking for information on keeping my girls warm and came across some great comments about Golden Comets and a few bad comments. I have to say I look forward to going to the coop in the evening. I go before work and clean up the evening "mess". They come to the door as soon as I enter the shed. Shed you say.... yes my husband got me a 12 x 18 shed and redesigned a 4 x 12 section for my girls. When I go in the evening, my favorite time, I open the coop door and they come into the shed area and follow me everywhere, so curious. When I start making their evening meal they run back into the coop jump on the roost to see what I am doing. As soon as I turn from the work bench they run back out into the shed and start snooping around again. They give me attitude when they want their corn and grains and go back into the coop to the feed area. When I am working on my gardening or filling my many bird feeders they must always help me. They are so sweet, I have never seen them pick on each other and they follow me everywhere. These are my first and a fine choice I made. They are still producing 3-4 eggs a day without artificial stimulation and it's cold in Maryland. They are absolutely adorable. I got them froman Amish farmer in SOuthern Maryland. Okay that was my 2 cents worth.

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