Golden Laced, Partridge... and what breed?


11 Years
Aug 31, 2008
Central Indiana
I had bought 5 chicks and they were all supposed to be GL Bantam Cochins. This one, however, is obviously not. Any ideas as to what breed I have or the coloring? Any guesses would be greatly appreciated!



Edited to add pics (cuz I seriously forgot pics...doh!)TIA
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Looks definatly like a partridge. Are you sure of Cochin? This chick looks exactly like a Plymouth Rock. Wonderful breed, but partridges can be a bit bossy. It is especially the legs that make me think Rock. Most of my Rocks have brownish spots/lines/markings on their feet and legs.
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Thanks for the great advice everyone
Red&yellow, I did some searching this evening and my chick looks VERY similar to the Partridge Rock. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. I never knew there was a partridge version of the Plymouth Rock. Thanks again!
Looks like a Speckled Sussex to me.

Rocks have yellow legs. SS have white legs with freckles.

GLW have rose combs. Cochins have feathered legs.
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