Golden Pheasant Mutations

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    May 30, 2016
    As I haven't been here for a while, I have seen threads about the Color Mutations of Golden Pheasants. First off, the only TRUE mutation is the Dark Throated Golden Pheasant. This mutation occurred in the early 1800s and was Naturally FOUND. If you actually look and study this mutation, take a look at the chicks. The chicks have the same pattern as the mutation of the Ring Neck Pheasant. Now, Yellows,Cinnamon,Peach,Splash, and Silver are man made. The first was created by professor Gigi that is commonly known as a "Yellow Golden". His experiment was actually never meant to Become a popular species. But people who received them from Gigi bred and eventually massed produced them. The rest of them are just people inbreeding improperly and then breeding a defective trait to a point of what they liked. Some could be cross breeds, but only professor Gigi wrote his work down.
    I hope this clarifies the mutations.

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