Golden Phoenix

Chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch, give or take a day, no matter what the breed is. Not all breeds will brood, though. Do you have a Phoenix who is sitting on a clutch of eggs now?

I have a Silver Phoenix who is raising a lone chick-the chick is over 8 weeks old now and Molly is still taking care of him, which is a very long time to mother one. She is a really good broody.
Okay. Do you know how long she's been sitting already? Her egg will take 21 days to hatch, if it was fertile and didn't die along the way. Do you have a rooster in the flock? Seems an obvious question, but you'd be surprised how many folks think all eggs are fertile and can hatch without a rooster present, so please don't be insulted by the question.
I have a beautiful pair of Golden Phoenix - got 6 eggs off of e-bay and only two
made it to maturity - luckily, it was a male and female that made it !!

now, at 6 months, there are two eggs in the nest !!!
and Proud Pappa really STRUTS HIS STUFF when the egg is laid !!
I am really torn about her first clutch of eggs - as to incubate or let
the momma hatch out her first clutch naturally.

This is a SHOW QUALITY pair of Phoenix and I would really love to have
a new brood of Goldens of the same pedigree. GreenFireFarm blood line.

now - - - -

Question #1 how many eggs could i realistically expect from her first cycle ?
or, will she lay eggs all year long like some other breeds will.

Question #2 how many eggs will she lay before she starts to sit ?
the first egg was laid on 3/16 and second egg on 3/18.
and a third one on 3/21.
So now I am thinking she will lay one egg every other day or so.

Thanks in advance !!
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