Golden Sex Links picking on Buff Orpington

Gloria M

Aug 20, 2019
We got 4 Golden Sex Link chickens and 1 Buff Orpington without knowing she was a different breed. Up until recently the others have treated her kindly. Now they will go after her and she's spent the last week and a half in a nesting box. Because she would be chased after, we assumed that she was sick and the other chickens were following their instincts to go after a sick chicken. She would fluff up and panic when one of the others got near her and we finally moved her into a separate pen and she's perfectly healthy. Why are they going after her and what can we do? Would it be best to find her a new family of Buff Orpingtons? If we did that, would that flock accept her?
Sometimes there can be an increase in aggression around sexual maturity. Birds can become moody, and they may try to dominate other members. It's possible that's what is going on. Your buff could also be your bottom hen and is taking the brunt of everyone. In my limited experience with sex links they do seem to be a bit more pushy than other breeds.

It's hard to say if she's better off with birds she knows, but are pecking her, or those she doesn't, who would probably peck at her too. You could try penning her separately where she can be seen through a fence, and try integrating her back in the flock after a few weeks. Maybe the rest will calm down after a while.

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