Goldie got caught in the fence

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  1. TitiBebbs

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    Mar 26, 2007
    Since we have so darned many roos and Dad, who said he'd start culling them when he was in town this week didn't start anything, we've still got too many and they are SOOO aggressive. They are mounting everything! The young ones, the guineas, the poor ducks! They are also attacking one another. Dad's big BA, ds and nephew named Alpha, went after my Red Sex-Link, Goldie. Goldie ran and got stuck in the poultry net fence. Once he got stuck, the others went after him, too. His head is bleeding under the back of the comb. He got so wrapped up in the fence that we had to cut a big hole to get him out. Even then, we had to bring him onto the house and cut more string off him. I think most of the wounds on his leg/thigh area are from pulled feathers, but it seems his leg is actually hurt. We've quarantined him to the dog kennel and dusted the entire area with DE because being in a North Florida pine forest, we are infested with fire ants and any other kind of ant around. I've put my dog on guard duty and locked the Blue Heeler up for the night since he's an instigator. Mom and Dad leave tomorrow and I've got to wowrk at 7. I teach, so I can't easily take the day off to sit with my roo, I can't even take off to sit witha sick kid-he's not allowed to get sick. [​IMG]

    I think he ought to recover, but I'm worried. I'd bring him in but he IS a ROOSTER and an actively crowing one at that. These boys crow ALL NIGHT and ALL DAY!

    What else might I do?
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    Feb 28, 2007
    South Eastern Indiana
    If the bleeding has stopped...and it should have by now...I would just keep him warm...and secluded. Maybe some vitamins and electrolytes in his water, to help keep him from shocking.
  3. TitiBebbs

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    Mar 26, 2007

    Dad left and I separated Goldie from the flock. We are pretty sure his leg or foot, or both are broken. He's not putting weight on it all all and seems lethargic. However, he is flying up onto the top of the kennel we are using as a temporary coop and he's eating. I don't know about drinking because there is a large tub of water and he alone wouldn't make much of a dent in it.

    Anyway, the roossters in general are becoming increasingly aggressive and 2 different ones bit ds yesterday as he tried to feed them. Luckily for him, he was wearing jeans both times.
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    If Goldie's leg or foot is broken, you can splint it...
    As for aggressive roos, there are a couple of alternatives besides with noodles...
    You can also pick him up and carry him around upside down while you do your chicken chores.

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