Gonna be a long night


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11 Years
Aug 1, 2008
Just checked the critters and it looks like I'll be up a few times tonight. Rose my BoerXLamancha doe is beginning to discharge. Also noticed that Venice my Dexter cow is in the early stages of labor as well.

Don't ya just love spring?

We'll be waiting for pictures.
I hope you get some rest and babies soon!
You won't be alone in staying up all night. This is the time of year for it. I had 3 friends waiting on horses to foal. 2 down and one to go there. They had been taking cat naps for a couple of weeks now.
Good Luck!
UGGGHHH!!! I'ts 9:00 AM and still nothing. All those flash light runs out to the pasture and goat barn for nothing. Not to mention the blasted alarm clock waking me out of a good sleep every 2 hours.

I know I'm a novice at this stuff but I hate when they just lead you along like this. Seems like these girls could tell me they are just teasing!!!

I'm sure both of them will go soon.

I'll work on the picture thingy. My digital camera died awhile back and it hasnt' been real high on my priority list to replace it.

My neighbor thought I was just being impatient because when I was expecting my new kids I would check my girls periodically. She couldn't understand I was anxious, yes, but more concerned with my girl's health and wellbeing. Anything can go wrong no matter how healthy the girls are. And if they were to get in a bind and need help I wanted to know before it was too late to help them.

HOORAY for baby watch! I love new babies and getting to help mom clean them off and watching them stand for the first time makes it all worthwhile

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