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    How good are roosters? I was talking to my mom about sending the boys to auction and telling her that people buy them and eat them. She asked how much I would get for them I told her about 7.00. She said she wanted to try to eat one. SO I am thinking have DH do one of the boys and try it. My question is how good are boys really? They are not cornish just either a Barred rock or Sex link both about 25 weeks old? Also how long should they sit in the fridge before cooking and do they sit in water or just wrapped? She will cook it on Sunday so should he get to go see the chicken coop in the sky on Thrus or will Friday be better? I am hoping Friday will work cause this is a first for us and I want the kids to not be home. After they eat it and say yummy I will say that was one of the boys but not till after the fact. Thanks for your help [​IMG]!!

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    Try it! Most of the meaties that visit our table are standard or mixed-breed roosters around 20 weeks of age. They've always been tasty & tender the way I prepare them.

    You should be able to butcher on Fri and cook on Sun. After dark on Wed night place your intended dinner guest in a separate cage and provide only water, no more feed. This will make him easier to catch & have a nice empty crop & intestines. After he's cleaned soak him for several hours or overnight in ice water. Then he can continue to rest in the refrigerator, in water, brine, or buttermilk, you decide, or just wrapped in plastic.

    Plan to cook him on Sun slowly with moist heat. Slower & moister = more tender. He can go in a crock pot, or roasted covered with lots of basting.

    I find both Barred Rock and Black Sex-link roos are especially meaty & good eating!
    [​IMG] Enjoy! [​IMG]

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