Good," air tight" feed container??


6 Years
Jul 16, 2013
Ok, so I have had my feed in a few different things.

First, I tried food grade buckets. I could only find 5 gallon buckets, which doesn't hold a lot of feed and puts me in a bind of what to do with the rest of the feed in bags. Plus, it was really hard to get the lids off those buckets, and as a twice a day thing, soon became quite tedius.

Then I tried plastic bird seed container. I believe it was a ten gallon container, which was NOT air tight and allowed spiders to get in it! Then, a mouse or some kind of rodent chewed the lid, so that was the end of that.

Now, I am using a metal bird seed container with a lid. You can get it at tractor supply, and I believe it is 20 gallons. However well it works for rodents, moths have invaded my feed! I put some food grade diatemacious earth in it, and although I do not see any more moths, there is still those stringy, spider web type things in my mash feed. This was expensive organic mash, so I am continuing to feed as I read that moths wont hurt.

With winter coming up, it soon will not be a problems, but how do you guys keep bugs from your feed?! Moths have also invaded my BOSS, wheat, and scratch mix that I left in bags on high shelves in my RV hanger.

Someone help me, please!
I also use 5 gallon buckets with Gamma Lids.

I can fit a 50lb bag of feed into two.

Work great, easy to open (my 6 year old can do it) raccoon proof.
We use a 30 gallon galvanized trash can. I doubt the lid is 100% airtight, but it's tight enough to keep any critters out of it, including insects. The lid is not hard to take off at all, but still makes a firm seal. We bought this brand new so the only thing that's been stored in it has been the feed.

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