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    Are there any good books out there that can explain genetics in poultry, you know the kind for people who have mush for brains, and had a hard time in school (and it's been over 30 years since they went to school), and have a job that doesn't involve much thinking and is the same everyday. I am having the hardest time with this. Whenever, anyone starts talking about the wild type, BB etc.... I get lost, no mater how many times I read it. If I had a book I could reference from, then I think I could get it sooner or later. Thanks for all your help.
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    May 19, 2009
    Here ya go. Genetics Of Chicken Colours- The Basics is a wonderful book. Simple to understand. With pictorial album (includes genetic formulas) for all colors. Well worth the price. The author just released another book this year which is a companion to this one called. The Genetics Of Chicken Extremitires. This second book covered the genetics of the rest of the chicken besides the plumage. For best results read the Colours book first as they build on each other. The other book you need is the American Poultry Association Standard Of Perfectiion, also known as the APA SOP. Serious breeders will look at you much more seriously if you own an SOP. $59.00 The 1st 38 pages are priceless information. The SOP inlcudes all the Standards for the recognized beeds. Yeah, I know, you're looking at about 280. worth of books. These books willl be the core of your library and once you have them, you can add others, if you want.
    In order of importance to you?
    1. Genetics Of Chicken Colours-The Basics
    2. APA SOP (order here:
    3. Genetics of Chicken Extremities. Order here:
    Here is the world's fav currency calculator to change Euros into US dollars:

    Best Regards,
    Karen in western PA, USA
    Reply I recieved from Sigrid Van Dort when inquiring about purchasing volumes of "Genetics of Chicken Colours - The Basics" :
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    [email protected] On: Aug 08/29/11 3:09 AM

    Hi Karen,
    The softcovers are printed in January since hard cover is too expensive
    after the first run was sold out after 2 years. Printing prices raised a
    lot therefore there are printed small runs of 50 books a time digitally.
    The book is 75 euros, mail costs to the US of two copies 16,15 euro and
    the protecting special carton wrap is 2 euros.
    This is in total 168,15 euro.
    You can pay with paypal: [email protected]
    Or by bank:
    Acc. #: 1279.35.401
    Name: Sigrid van Dort Vormgeving
    City: Klarenbeek
    Country: Holland
    Bic: RABONL2U
    Iban: NL48RABO 0127935401
    Have a nice day!
    kind regards,
    One book is 75 euros: (as of 10-26-12, 75.00 EUR = 97.0497 USD )
    Below is for two copies, all calculations are as of 10-26-12:
    , mail costs to the US of two copies 16.15 euro ( 16.15 EUR = 20.8980 USD )
    and the protecting special carton wrap is 2 euros ( 2.00 EUR = 2.58799 USD ).
    This is in total 168.15 euro ( 168.15 EUR = 217.585 USD ).
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