Good Feeling Last Night


11 Years
Oct 1, 2008
Yorkshire, Ohio
Last night as my family and I were eating dinner, I had a thought. We were eating deer meat from the deer I got this Fall w/ homemade noodles from our chicken eggs, green beans that we canned from our garden, pears that we canned from our pear tree, and drinking goat milk from our goats. As I looked across the table at my 9 month old daughter steadily putting little pieces of deer/noodle, beans, and pears in her mouth, I had this great feeling come over me. It was great knowing that she is going to be eating food like this for her entire childhoood, instead of fast food, Banquet meals, and sodas like so many other children in our country. At that point, I knew what we have been working for over the past two years was so worth it. Sure it has been a lot of work to get to this point, but that is rewarded by the feeling that overtook me.
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Wow.. You gave me goosebumps.. This is my dream for this time next year .. I want to be able to not buy ANY food from the grocery store... Good Job
That child will remember that all her days and be thankful.

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