Good fencing for chicken yard with goats from time to time

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    My wife and I have a 75 X 35 chicken yard that we are quickly outgrowing. We are looking at fencing in a 200 X 100 area, but instead of using welded wire I would like to use something that would work well with goats.

    This is the wire I am looking at getting -

    Is anyone here using that fence I linked to for their chickens?

    I have another area that I will be fencing in for the goats full time, and that is the fencing I am looking at for the larger field.

    I want to design this new area so that if I need to isolate a goat from the rest of the herd I have somewhere to put it.
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  2. Alaskan

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    Looks lovely.

    I would put a strip of chicken wire over the bottom part. You can put a strip of hardware cloth over the bottom part if you want to keep rodents, snakes, and all other nasties out.

    If you have bantams that are good fliers, you might need to double wire the entire thing.

    Or, you can get that same kind of wire, but with smaller holes. But, I would still want to double wire the bottom.

    I say that, and MY run isn't double wired. I use that sort of wire, but I think my holes are 1x2.
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    anything younger than a full grown hen will walk right through that fence. but as mentioned above, a second layer of chicken wire on the bottom 1-2' should keep them in.
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    You'd have to put smaller wire around the bottom as everyone said. We have page wire around the horses and all the birds fit through one way or the other.. (either underneath or through the squares)

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