Good geese for beginners and/or information on caring for geese


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Aug 9, 2014
Western Washington
Does any one know a good quiet breed of geese for a beginner? Temperament is very important for us so a very docile breed would be nice. It would need to get along with are three ducks and two turkeys also. A nice pet goose would be great. Also, would we need to have a large area for it to swim in? We have a small kiddie pool, but not a large swimming space. What kind of food do the eat? Are they mean to people, other birds, and especially small children? Also what breeds are common, what breed would you recommend, and we would like a breed that is not overly fat, but can't get out of our about 6 foot fence. Last question, would we need to get more than one goose, or would one female be happy with our ducks and turkeys? Answers to any of the questions would be very appreciated. Thank you!
I have an American Buff goose. She was born April 1st. I don't have any other breeds to compare her to, but she is docile. Not particularly outgoing with strangers walking by our house, but she remains calm & pretty much ignores them. She is very talkative, but not loud (unless she is complaining about something).

Individual personality and training will play big roles in how tame your goose will be around other people and pets. The more time you spend with your pet, the tamer and happier he/she will be. I've read that hot wire fencing will keep predators out. We aren't allowed to have fencing due to HA regulations. I'm with her whenever we are outdoors. She *helps* me garden.

My goose is routine oriented. Establishing and sticking to the routine gives her a sense of security (she knows what will happen, when it's going to happen) which in turn promotes a deep sense of calm. If the routine is broken (we just got a steam mop which upset her greatly; it's something *new*), she frets for a few moments until she realizes the new thing is not a threat to her.

They are wonderful companion animals if given lots of love, training, and care. Good luck! :)
As Skyfire mentioned, the American Buff is considered to be one of the more docile breeds of geese. A gander, on the other hand, though relatively docile, could be a problem for children. It's their nature to be "protectively masculine". Are you raising the goose with the turkeys and ducks? If not, do not house your goose with the turkeys, I'm not sure how it would work with the ducks. Give them space to get away from one another. A small, plastic kiddy pool will be just fine for the goose. A friend would be nice. Keep the pool clean on a daily basis as they poop in it.

They can go through or under fences depending on what you have. Chicken wire or chain link should keep them in just fine.

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