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Good little ducky's!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Yetti, May 20, 2011.

  1. Yetti

    Yetti Songster

    I have 6 Peking's and they are free ranging my yard ( 8 acres) they keep close to the house for the most part unless were out walking the yard then they follow us. yesterday I was doing chores and working on the goose pen when they came walking up about 8:00pm. they wanted to go in the barn but their pen wasn't ready. I quick hurried up and drug it in the barn(its portable for cleaning) and put fresh bedding in it and set the water can. then I went to fill the feeder and they had left the barn and were now on the other side of the house. I figured I would round them up in a while. went back to what I was doing and needed something out of the barn, when I walked in they had all piled into the pen and had settled down for the night on their own without lifting a finger. I guess you can train them to some extent? they know when its late to come to the barn. didn't figure on them going to bed on their own.

  2. Isnt it great when they do that. When I had last years Runner babies on in the yard next to the duck house if I want out there to put them to bed at 7pm I would go out to no ducks outside and they were all inside snoozing away.

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