Good News ! & A question

Dee Dee 2

7 Years
Jun 8, 2012
Tomball, Tx.
Incubated 7 eggs RIR 3 hatched. One chick was born "blind".. The inner covering to eye would not open. I wanted to give her some time and hope. Named her Helen ( Helen Keller ). YEA! Today she is doing better and has opened her eyes. Still smaller but maybe she will catch up. NOW ~ the question ? Does anyone know how, and can they explain, how to sex baby chicks. I haven't seen this discussed before but someone out there surely knows. Would really appreciate any info. It's ok I'm an adult
(most of the time) so tell it like it is. Thanks ! ( The hatchery's do thousand of chicks a day so it can't be to difficult. )
There is really no way to see if a new born chick is a female or male. But when the get older if the wattles and combs are growing faster than the other chicks then they a going to be roosters.

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