Good quality incubator


7 Years
Feb 14, 2012
Woodstock valley,CT
I am looking for a good quality incubator that monitors BOTH HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE. Right now I have a hova bator circulated air incubator, however i am looking for something more accurate that i don't have to monitor as often. Looking for a lager brinsea incubator or maybe a cabinet one. Let me know if you have anything thanks.
oh how much? just out of curiosity.
I have a 15 year old sportsmen in like new condition 350.00,and a 4 year old dickey in eggcellent condition 450.00.Both are self turning,dickey has water supply bucket.Shipping will be a problem,but I am in Seabrook,N.H.,not too far from Conn.about 2 hours.
In N.H.,Tony.

Stromberg has Sportsman Incubators. I gave -$600 for mine self turning comes with water pan pads and a therm. Go to Petco or any pet store and get a hydrometer. Stick it on the end of the top rack so you can see it though the window.
My routine is to open incubator once a day check for cracked eggs fill water pan up and leave it alone. 3 days prior to hatching move eggs to hatching tray fill water pan and then watch your humidity. Not really necessary to monitor for 18 days if you fill your pan everyday

Oh free delivery

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