Good reliable temp controller for incubator

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    Jan 27, 2013
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    I'm thinking about finally building a cabinet incubator this winter and am wondering what the opinions are of various control systems, I have read both good and bad on the incubator warehouse incukits, have they been improved or are there other options?
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    May 2, 2015
    if you can connect some jumper wires from point to point then I would suggest looking at using a arduino micro controller. I know that it looks complicated but with some assistance from people with the same interests we can help you assemble and write code to control anything,

    arduino uno clone $5
    dht22 temp and humidity sensor $7
    dual relay $3
    7 seg led driver plus leds $2
    premade cables $6

    the great thing with arduino is skys the limit

    If you want a few more temp sensors ($2 each) that's no problem, If you want a lcd screen instead of 7 segment leds then that's only a few bucks more.
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    Oct 16, 2010
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    I've only heard good things from folks I trust here on BYC about the table top sized incubator kit. I don't see how but maybe the larger unit is not as reliable.

    Can't think of everyone here I know uses that kit but do remember Fred's Hens has one. Might be worth a PM to get his thoughts on the unit.

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