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May 22, 2010
Im new to the chicken game so if anyone out the could tell me if there is such a thing as a good breed of chicken that will sit and hatch some eggs?
Thanks in advance for the help.
silkies are really good broodies. My Araucanas are broody all the time and make really good moms.

When it comes to hens who will hatch and raise anything, you can't get better than silkies and cochins.
Silkies and Cochins are pretty good - I'd also agree with cashdl on the Araucanas. (although they're a rare breed, not available at hatcheries) Mine have only been laying for a month or two and I've already got 4 brooding.
At the end of this month I am done hatching for the year so my Araucana's had better get un - broody.

I have a blue Araucana hen right now whose babies are two months old. She was sharing mommy duty with a splash Araucana hen. The splash started laying two weeks ago again, and has lost all interest in the babies. She did great for 6 weeks, but she is done now she says. The blue hen is still going strong. She trots them all over the yard. Loves to dust bathe with them. Huddles on the perch in the middle of them at night. The other hen now sleeps as far away as she can with the roo. I do catch him babysitting during the day. Today he was digging a worm for them while the blue hen was sleeping in the shade. It was so cute.

Anyhoo Araucana hens make great mommies and daddies.

My EE's have never gone broody.


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