Good sized lightbulb for small coop

my leave them alone, the worse that has happened is that they occasionally like to try to perch on them and unplug the light that is hooked to it. they tend to like to use it as a swing. since then have had to tack it up
i live in anchorage and also have a 90 watt outdoor flood light that is on a thermostat set to about 35 degrees. it adds some heat, and the ladies take turns sunning themselves. does not add much heat though. coop stays about 20 degrees warmer than outside temp. brooder lamps dont work for long, as its too cold and bulbs burn out in about two days
they will do just fine, temps down here keep jumping around, 35 yesterday, -10 day before. lots of snow today, along with high winds. supossed to be single digits tomorrow, 14 right now. got my second egg today from one of 14 twenty week old barred rocks

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