GOOD SUNDAY A.M. from Port Huron, Michigan


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Jun 14, 2009

I NEVER is a MILLION years thought I would be so "stoked" about chickens. I ask myself do I need a LIFE OR WHAT?!

BUT....I am the VERY PROUD owner of 5 GIRLS!

Dorothy our Rhode Island Red
Florence our Silver Laced Wyandotte
Peaches our Black Australorp
Dolly our Buff Orpington
AND last but NOT least.....Rosie our Barred Rock

We picked these breeds for their winter hardiness and for their egg laying. I hope we chose well since this is our FIRST time with chickens after a lifetime of wanting them.

They are ALL BEAUTIFUL and very loved...I know, I know...LOVED? But really..they are FUN! It's so good to be here and introduce myself. It's nice to see I am not the ONLY chicken fanatic out here in the world.
My girls are all 6 weeks old....we ordered 5 thinking we could "lose" one BUT they are all doing GREAT and thriving.
OH YES...I also can add 2 more "children" to my list...a VERY SPOILED husband AND Pyrenean Shepherd to the list as well:D
NO "real" children.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the WARM welcome! I have been reading & reading & READING from this forum LONG before I even got my girls! EVERYONE here is so helpful and I have learned SO MUCH....and HELLO UTAH! SO...ya don't MISS the cold winters huh;) Yuppers! We DO get some FRIGID days in the winter and don't EVEN get me going on DA SNOW

AND MZ. Lux....Tell your FIANCE that chicken mommy's make GREAT wives!
BUT I am SURE he knows that already.

Have a GREAT Sunday all....I look forward to being a member here for a long time. It's so nice to meet others like husband just rolls his eyes at me and smiles.

We CAN'T WAIT for they to start laying eggs...YUMMO!

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