Goodbye Quackers


Sep 14, 2018
east wenatchee
Quackers, where ever you are, I love you and miss you very much. I hope that one day I can see you again. I know that where ever you are that you are hopefully being taken care of . I hope that your new owner is taking care of you and treating you as if you are a pet instead of just an animal. I know that I was a little hard on you but it was for the best so that you could grow up and be an awesome show duck and that you could shine. I love you and I miss you very much.
At fair my duck quackers was taken by a 4H mom to be used as a breeding duck out on her farm far away from where I live. :hit:hit:hit
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If it's any consolation, I would bet a 4H mom would take good care of Quackers. You must have done a good job of raising him if they want to use him for breeding :)
My heart breaks for you! I know that it's so hard to give an animal to someone especially one that you cared for. I'm thinking about breeding my ducks and chickens then selling them, I need to put emotions aside but it's so hard!
Not quite the same but, years ago sold a gorgeous ivory colored female Cocker pup to a man and woman who seemed very sincere. I told them to come back in 8 weeks and I would trim her for them and see how she was developing.

When she came back - her coat was horribly matted, looked like she was dust bathing with chickens, plus she had quite a colony of fleas. I fixed up everything I could on her and explained why I was doing such and such. Let them know, they needed to keep her up in between groomings, etc. I never told them to come back to me though. The sight of her made me ill.:th

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