goose breathing raspy?

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    Nov 28, 2010
    Hello everyone,
    I'm really concerned about my Gideon.[​IMG] This AM when I went out to check on the pair, I noticed he was breathing differently, a little wheezing. I thought maybe he needed a drink so I encouraged him to do so. But the sound was still there. It's been really, really cold here in upstate NY. I have kept them confined to a small 5'x8' shelter. I partially insulated it and covered the insulation with cardboard. There is a plastic window about 2'x4'. There are cracks and small spaces open to outside that I left for fresh air and circulation. The floor is covered with about 10'' of hay. I have a heat lamp hanging from the 5' ceiling to keep it in the 30s. can anyone tell me if this is a normal sound that will go away by itself or is it serious sounding?[​IMG] Could it be that he was honking too much and has a sore throat? My geese are only 6months old.
    Please advise..... Truffle

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