Goose Daddies

Discussion in 'Geese' started by Oregon Blues, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Apr 14, 2011
    Central Oregon
    Gotta give these Ganders their props. They are the very best daddies to the newly hatched goslings.

    The babies have 3 parents and are kept inside a protective triangle of 2 ganders and the goose. The ganders, who have never been inclined to lay down, are spending their time down on their bellies, I think so that clumsy gander feet don't step on the babies.

    I've seen all 3 parents showing the goslings how to drink and how to pick up their food. One got away from the flock and there was a gander right on his heels, watching over him. He was allowed to explore, but was carefully supervised.

    My very sweet big boy hissed at me with lowered neck. I asked him what he was doing and he looked embarrassed, but was very firm about it. No people allowed close to the goslings.
  2. They are such good Dads. It is so nice after the clueless rooster and the careless ducks. I feel so much better about my goslings being outside since I got a pair of year old geese -- they are so thoughtful and protective even though they'd never been parents before. Adopted all 7 babies right away even though some were almost the same size.

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