Goose Eggs

Just one :) Though the temps when I got them were pretty brutal. After the cold power outage we had in April, though, I found out this week that some eggs are affected more than others.
We are driving 4hours away right now to pick our eggs.... We have another set coming from farther away via usps. Any advise you could offer if you had to do it all over?
Well, the shipped eggs need to be treated differently. If you search this site there is an excellent article on that. Also, when I have incubated them my best results were when I was religious about the temps and humidity. Chickens and ducks are easy for me to incubate. Goose and turkey eggs seem to take more care. Also, do ONLY a goose hatch, when I have tried to stagger other eggs even with a hatcher it didnt turn out as well. I know there are so many variables!! What works for one might not for another. But basically just see what works for you. Experience is the best teacher. :)

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