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Aug 19, 2009
Cut Off, LA
My mom called me because an incubator she once owned became available again, so I bought it, her old hatcher, her old candler and a bunch of turners for 400.00. The incubator can hold over 200 eggs and is 3 shelves high with built in turners and the hatcher is the same size. I thought it was a great bargain. The lady I bought it from told me she hadn't needed to change the temp since she got it from my mom, years ago. Well we plugged it in and no problem. I was planning on putting eggs in on the 11th for an Easter hatch.
I went close to the river yesterday to get 700 LBs of grain and the man who sells it to me had some goose eggs he wasn't planning on doing anything with, so he gave me 7 of them. They went straight in, so they would be ready before Easter.
I know I will have to spray them and that they won't be as easy as chicken eggs, but I really hope I get 3 or 4 goslings. Mom used to do so good with incubation. She would soak duck and goose eggs in warm water a few times during an incubation and we would all think it was so cute when they would suddenly move. I don't even know how old the eggs are.
If anyone has any advice that might help me with any degree of success, I would love hearing it.
I'm a first timer with goose egg incubation myself. I just put them in today. I've been told that after Day 4 they should cool for 15 minutes a day and during that time to spray them with warm water. The best way to keep the water the same temp as the incubator is to store the mister inside with the eggs. Any idea what sort of geese they are?
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Most were embdens, but there were a few toulouse.....very few. I used to have africans a long time ago and they were much more productive than my sister's toulouses. I think I must have had double the eggs she had. Hers were bigger than mine though. And my mom hatched out my eggs easier too. I sure hope I have some of her incubating talent.
I am putting in two goose eggs today. So lets all hope and hatch together!
I would like to be hatch buddies with you guys. I bought 12 goose eggs over the weekend at auction and set them sunday afternoon. This is my first time hatching geese too.
I set 4 Pilgrim Goose eggs on the 2nd of March. They were given to me by a fellow BYC'er. I know nothing about geese. I did not know that they should be taken out to cool each day. Is that from day 1?

Should I start doing that now even though they have been in there for a few days?
Any more news? I want to try hatching some geese as well; anybody know anyone with Pilgrim geese in WI willing to sell a few for hatching???

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