goose feeding times??


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Apr 27, 2013
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I would appreciate some input on goose feeding times... and
what to feed
when to feed
and how much to feed
and as if that werent enough at what ages do you do what at?
Thanks so much


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Mar 12, 2013
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A whole lot of variables here. Goslings or adult geese? Goslings you could use duck starter crumb, adults you can use a grower or lay mash and or grower pellets. Are the birds penned or free range. Penned geese should have feed at all times in my books. Free range geese will eat less feed as they can forage for grass, roots, etc. To be honest I have never raised penned geese as some do with a pool for bathing water. All my geese are free range and have a huge pond for swimming.

Goslings should have access to feed all the time until they are feathered out and about 8 weeks old. After that you can if you wish set up a feeding regiment. The best advice I can give you is if the feed dish is empty , fill it again. If the geese are adults and free range you can get away with a morning feed and an evening feed. I find geese eat more during the night hours if they are penned up and let out during the day anyways.

Geese to me are not as big of pigs as chickens especially if they are free range. If penned up geese it is good to add greens to their diet such as grass, dandlion greens, watermelon, cantelope, honeydew melon, etc. Apples, try to avoid citrus as most geese don't like citrus anyways. It is a good idea for the geese to have access to grit and or oyster shell as well.

There is a few suggestions for you and I am sure other people here have their feeding methods you can try out as well. I have been a goose daddy for many years and I have no issues with their health at all. Steve

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