Goose with injured leg


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Apr 11, 2013
I have a 4 month old gander gosling who has sprained his leg. He is eating and drinking fine but heavily limping. I have given him warm epsom soak baths every night for a week now. he is not getting any better. There is no heat but the leg is slightly discolored. It is redder than the other leg and splotchy. I haven't had much luck finding a vet who can see him so it seems I am on my own. if you can help i would ever so appreciate it! I can't find much on google either. maybe wrong search terms :/
I had a goose given to me with a bad leg. I did a lot of massage and gentle stretches. I also gave her aspirin water at the beginning. She got better but always had a limp. It got worse last winter and I put her down to stop her suffering. She did okay for awhile and I think if I had been given her when the injury happened I could have fixed it. Here is all I have bookmarked. I hope it helps you and your goose.
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