GopherBoy Farms Signature Series Coop 003

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    Mar 18, 2008
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    Its been like forever since I have done a coop building thread......

    Sorry to disappoint, but GopherBoy had little to do with the building of this coop....since we are now putting them out for the general public, not all the shenanigans and mishaps can be going on all the time (not that they dont still happen now and again).

    So this coop is 003 in the Signature Series line has been delivered and set up so I am doing this a little backwards.
    I finally uploaded pictures and will start to post.

    Lance is in the shop working on Coop 004 at the moment so he will have to ad the technical stuff when he has a moment...all i did was paint, and paint and yeah.....paint.

    The coops we are doing are made up from as much recycled materials as possible....
    Lance went out and was able to get lumber from I believe 3 different decks that needed to be torn down. That was a job in its self. Now we have piles of lumber all over the property that Lance mills to useable materials for each coop.

    Here are just a few of the pics of the piles of recycled lumber......







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    Oh please at least let GopherBoy have some input.

    Lance just simply cannot give coops the character that he can!!![​IMG]

    And I betcha it was GopherBoy's idea to use that recycled wood also. What a money saver he is!
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    May 21, 2008
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    Looking forward to it [​IMG]

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