Gorgeous Mille Fluer Duccle/Booted Bantam Rooster- Free to good home- Bucks County PA


7 Years
Jul 26, 2012
We have a gorgeous mille fluer booted bantam/duccle that needs a new home. We have four roosters and he is low man on the totem pole and is getting picked on by the hens. He is a friendly bird and needs to go to a home with his own hens. He does have the napoleon complex sometimes and stalks people, but as soon as you catch him he stops and scoots away. He is a year old and is located in Bucks County, PA

i would l like to have him or she I have 10 acker of land out of town but I live in sundown texas if we can ship them o me I ay for every thing thank you adam ocanas

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