Gorgeous Splash Ameraucana Hen - Almost 2 years old, proven layer


8 Years
Aug 14, 2011
This is a SUPER sweet Splash Ameraucana hen, she is almost 2 years old. The shipping will be about $65 to $75 to anywhere in USA. Cannot ship to VA or HI.

The other splash and blue gang want to beat her up, I don't want her to get hurt from the other chickens.

BTW - she has mud / dirt on her face & crest feathers as it rained all night and I took this photo without realizing she needed a bath!

Her toe was caught in a case wire before I got her and is a bit pointed to the left, other than that she is perfect! Her chicks are ADORABLE, too!

Email is [email protected]

Thank you!
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Do you have another pullet or hen you'd be willing to sell with her? It's a shame to pay the shipping prices for only 1 bird!

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