Gosling hatching questions, help!

Discussion in 'Geese' started by xIndigoSkyx, May 20, 2012.

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    On Friday I had my second gosling pup and so far he's hatched pretty well, but I'm afraid that just like his brother he will die. His brother had the yplk wrapped around his foot, I have never seen nor heard of this before so I was scared poopless. Just as I had come up with a plan to tie off the yolk around his foot and cut it he stopped breathing. Things happen but I'm worried about the second little guy, He seems to be okay so far and his hind end is still him his shell but he's kicking his way out. Something that's really bothering me though is that he looks puffy, almost like he's swollen... Maybe to much humidity? I would really love to hear back from you guys about this one, maybe even be able to prevent this little guys death?

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    I can't give you any advice but just wanted to say I hope the gosling makes it and sorry for the loss of the other one. [​IMG]
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    Photos would help to offer ideas.

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