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    Jul 23, 2007
    Have 10 week old gosling with foot turned in and not able to walk.

    Last week she was found laying down not able to get up, taken to Vet and was given a Vit B injection, Enrofloxacin and vitamins. Kept in house given water and wild bird food. She WAS eating chicken scratch not wild bird food. Started water therapy in bath tub with success. Seven days later up trying to walk but is standing on her " knees". Her left leg is also turned " IN" not very strong and she keeps tripping over it. I now have to support her while she eats or she falls in her food and does not eat.... I didn't have to before.
    I have worked hard nursing her back to health ( up at night to feed her) and want to return her to family on our farm.
    Is there a brace I can make to help her leg turn out and stregthen???? Will it stregthen on its own?????
    Any other ideas?????
    Her name is Oatmeal and I now am her MOM...
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