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Discussion in 'Geese' started by sarah78, May 26, 2010.

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    May 26, 2010
    Help! We are first time goose parents and need some information about angel wing. I have two toulose goslings that are just starting to get their feathers and one has developed what we think is angel wing. There are blue reedy type lines that look like they have feathers growing in and this part of the wing flops away from the body. This part of the wing had been sticking out for a few days and the gosling never tucks it back under the rest of the wing. My boyfriend took them to the vet last night and got both the wings wrapped back into place. The problem is that the tape keeps coming off the right wing. The goose does pick at it which doesn't help. We tried re-wrapping it ourselves last night with the supplies the vet gave us, but found it had partially come off again this morning and part of the wing was again sticking out to the side. Can anyone give me instructions on how to better wrap it so that it doesn't keep coming off? Also, how long does a wing normally need to be wrapped to fix the angel wing? I'd appreciate any advice or information you can give me. Thanks!

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    "Duck" tape......... [​IMG]
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    Here is a pick how to tape the wing. It is taped just around the wing and not around the body. I have actually tucked the wing tip under the wing toward the body and then taped it. Keep it taped (if you can) for about 5 days, remove it and see if that helped. If it returns, repeat the process (checking it after 5 days) until it corrects. Make sure the tape is not too tight too.

    You can use very sticky tape if need be. You will just have to soak it before removing. Don't let the babies play in water while you are correcting the wings.

    A feed too high in protein in usually the problem. The sooner you correct it, the better the chances are it will stay corrected. The older it gets lessens the chances of the fix.
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    If you can post a pic from a couple of angles that would be great [​IMG]

    Those blood feathers coming in for the first time are heavy and probably tender and sensitive. My goslings held their wings in bizarre positions, kept hitching them up as they were heavy and drooped.

    If you haven't already, cut back on the protein in the feed, down to 16% or so. Around here that is called "all purpose poultry feed". Angel wing is probably genetic as well as environmental (feed), so do what you can to prevent it on your end by reducing protein.

    True angel wing (if you google it) is very specific looking. Have you done that and looked at pictures?
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    May 26, 2010
    Thanks for all the replies. I'll try to take some pictures and post them. It seems to be more than just the wing drooping, it's more like they flop out at a 90 degree angle to the body. Also, he can't actually refold his wing into the correct position unless we do it for him. It's very similar to the pictures of angel wing that I've seen, except that feathers haven't fully grown in yet. We have cut back on the feed as I read that could contribute to the problem. I'll guess we'll just keep retaping as necessary and hope that it corrects itself. Thanks again!
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    how old would a gosling have to be to know if it has angle wing? I have some that are just a few days old and their wings hang at a funny angle but I,m hoping they just out grow it.
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    Vet wrap works really well and it sticks to itself, so it doesn't rip off all the goose feathers or fuzz. You can get it from a vet or TSC, or even from walmart. It comes in lots of colors too, bonus!

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