Gosling with hurt leg :( help?


Aug 1, 2020
Aww sorry about your gosling’s leg :( If I were you, I would make sure the gosling doesn’t move around too much. Maybe put it in the coop for a while, or at least stick to a coop and run. I wouldn’t advise letting it free-range because it might hurt itself more if it’s in a field. Less movement for the leg, the better. Maybe wrap the leg in vet wrap? I would only do that though if the gosling is put in a coop or run or both, not free-range. I’d also make sure the field the gosling roams in is free of anything that might hurt him/her anymore. I think it probably isn’t much of an issue, it should heal on it’s own over time. It probably will take a few weeks to heal fully, but if it’s longer than a few weeks I would suggest possibly taking your gosling to the vet? But I really think your baby should be ok! :) Just give it a few days to a few weeks. I wish the best for your sweet baby goslings!!!

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