Got 4 new babies...


10 Years
Jan 1, 2010
Summerfield NC
2 barred rock pullets (we'll see) and a black sex link and a golden sex link. I post pics when I can. But I have a do I tell how old they are? Their little wing/flight feathers are already emerging. thanks!
If I had to guess, I'd say between 1 ~ 2 weeks old. I bought some Polish chics that were 1 week old, and they were starting to get feathers on the top part of their wings in the shoulder area the week I brought them home. You can still post pics. We Love baby pics! Congrats!
maybe my question should have been how fast do they grow? Good grief its only been 4 days and I see a big difference! Apparently, I'm doing something right 'cause they are jumping around, flapping their wings, chatting among themselves....eating, drinking & pooping. No pasty butt, eyes are clear & bright...all is well in chickville

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