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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ctjim, Jun 13, 2007.

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    i got 8 pullets home tonight they are 4 buffs (15 weeks)and 4 arucana mixes(13weeks) that the guy i got them from breeds himself to produce a larger "easter" egg. 1 may be a roo he wasn't sure, as he didn't sex that one. these are my 1st chickens so it should be interesting, as i'm only experienced w/ cows and pigs. i have a few ?s 1 i plan to let them free range, but at 1st i'm just going to keep them in the coop for a few days and slowly let them out, i have a small run that they will be able to go in then graduate them up 2 free range, or i may build a movable run to rotate them around. will this be ok or is there a better way to get them started? also what is a good way to get them in a routine so they will come at night to be locked in? i was thinking of getting some treats at first in a can that i would shake to get them to know they'll get food when they come in. thanks for any help,jim
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    Jim, starting out with chicks that age is great. Especially for what you are planning. First off you are on the right track with letting them out slowly. One of the best ways to get them trained to go back in is to feed them in the evenings and water them in the am. A 25 watt bulb will make them more comfortable at night in there new enclosure and help them to go back at dusk. I like to start new flocks out by opening the doors first for just a few hours in the evening , then add an hour or so each day. You may need to lock them in just the coop and their run when they start laying to help them get their eggs in the nest boxes as in a few short weeks you can be enjoying fresh eggs for breakfast. Use straw or nest pads in your boxes and pine shavings on their coop floor for litter. Some have good luck putting a couple golf balls or false eggs in the nest boxes until the girls get it right. If some one lays on the floor just mark the egg w/ an X and place it in the boxes so you know not to eat that one. And after a few tries you'll find they get it right and are a real joy to have around. Welcome to chickendom [​IMG]

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