Got a Bobcat


8 Years
Sep 6, 2011
Spirit Lake, Idaho
My hunny finally got a Bobcat this morning. He's about 10 years and and 25+ pounds. Im so proud of my babe and cant wait to get the hyde back from the tannery. My babes been putting in lots of time and effort and its finally paid off. We. Know of a couple other guys that have been trying to get this particular cat for a while and its awesome that my hunny is the one to finally take it out
A live trap. He just put this trap out last night and checked it this morning. He had a foot trap there for awhile but the cat wouldn't take the bait so we thought we would give the live cage a try and what do ya know, It worked!!
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Thank you! We are prety happy with him. My BF likes that the skull will have the missing and worn down teeth, it shows how old this fella is and how smart he is to have made it passed so many other trappers.
Beautiful kitty. I hate to see it die as well,but we all have a right to make those choices on our own land about what to do with animals we catch.

If a government agency would actually recolate the cat for free I would opt for that.Unfortunately around here they often charge fees to take animals,and half the time they just euthanise them anyway.

Lol,if it were up to my kids I am sure I would hear the all famous words," Can we keep it????"
This poor guy had a tumor the size of a grapefruit in his belly and was missing most of his teeth. My BF probly would have let him go had he been in better condition. This cat looked to be about 10 years old and he was one mean sine of a gun. I think were made the right choice in putting him down, it was fast and now he wont have to fight to catch a meal wuth such a huge tumor and poor teeth.

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