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Jul 21, 2016
NW Georgia
My Coop
My Coop
We have found the backyard chickens community to be such a wonderful resource to us as new chicken owners! We purchased some chicks from Greenfire Farms and couldn't be happier with our beautiful chickens.
Our older flock members are 16 weeks old:
1 Cream Legbar (our other girl was lost to a hawk)
3 Isbars (2 roosters, 1 pullet)
4 Bielefelders (2 roosters, 2 pulletd)
Added some ladies who are now 10 weeks old: 8 Bielefelder pullets
Added 6 Guinea Fowl who think they're chickens

Our chickens are truly free range and grass fed. They receive feed when they go in for the night to their Coop D'Ville (got from David's Chicken Coops, awesome). They're out for 12-14 hours during the day. Since the loss of our Cream Legbar "Cyndi Lauper" we have added additional cover so it doesn't happen again. Was so traumatizing as I caught the hawk on her.

They're such a happy bunch and we love them. Here is a pic of our two Bielefelder Roos having a conversation at the "water cooler".
Sorry you lost Cyndi, had to be much harder because you saw it happen. Your "water cooler," roos are beautiful. Do they get along well?
Welcome to BYC
You have a lovely flock of birds!
Thank you, they're such beautiful boys! We have 4 roosters total, two are Bielefelders and two are Isbars. All get along very well, raised together since day one. Still don't know sex of my 6 guineas, so might be interesting if I have some males. :)

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