Got a Few New Ducks


10 Years
May 28, 2009
Bloomington, Indiana
I fed my poultry/bird addiction tonight by adding 4 little muscovies to my flock......


AWW i got 3 muscovies heres my male about uhm... id say 2 months old
or close to it.


I got a hen muscovie also.
there tooo cute!
and my other one it has special needs ( its got a crooked neck) i wont be breeding her but hey if its walking eating drinking and living i aint gonna kill it!
its so funny "crooked neck" is mean sometimes he gets a peice of bread and runs and wont let my rhode island red rooster have any. shes definetly got charactor and fits right in here.
I hava a barn full of!! All hens setting hatched again two weeks ago. I have so many ducks that I don't know how many I have..kinda like my!!

The dark ones will be black and true Muscovy form. The other will be mostly white..looks like he will have some color on his tail.
Hey, muscovy people - question:

Is there a point at which duckling size becomes any indicator of gender or not? Seems like two of mine have surpassed the other two in size lately. There's two big ones, two small ones.

Probalby can't tell much from the pics, but the two in the middle/toward the front (dark one and gray one) are the two smaller ones.....


Just pulling my old thread back up to say that I picked up some new ducks again.....

One is a rouen duck, at least a year old supposedly.

The other three the guy said were magpies, this year's hatch, but they look like Swedish and Swedish cross to me - blue duck, black duck, and black drake that's got some brown mixed in..... I asked "Are they not Swedish?" but he was like no, they are from a breeder in such and such a place, yadda yadda....

I am inclined to think that either he was misinformed by whoever he supposedly got the eggs from, or else he was just full of hot air.

But I wasn't dead set on any particular kind really, so I didn't make a big issue of it.


The black duck
Just saw your thread. CUTE ducks!!!!
Did you ever get an answer to your Scovy questions? You should be able to tell by know drakes fm ducklets. What color is your little yellow coming out? Generally, yellow w/gray bills are barred and you can tell fm early on the color by looking at a bit of color showing on their tails. Once you are familiar with what to look for you can usually tell pretty fast.

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