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12 Years
Oct 28, 2007
Fernandina Beach Fl.
from one of the Vietnam type movies, either platoon or apocalypse now. in one scene someone gets stuck with the job of emptying out the latrines , basicaly a wooden porta potty.

anyway, there was a door on the side, hinged that just flipped up and the pot was pulled out of there. So for some reason I was looking at the coop and thinking and it struck me...cut out a door all along the bottom of one side so i can flip it up, hook it and just sweep the bedding right outside where I can scoop it up for the compost pile. easier than trying to get it out the regular door.
Sounds like an instant pooper scooper, great idea!!
That's how I'm planning my coop/tractor. A wide door that hinges down so we can use a small rake to get the bedding out and into the wheel barrow or something like that.
Sounds like a plan.

I made the sides of my coop completely removable, but that only works for smaller coops.
I put a hardware wire floor in my coop and it has a mortar mixing tub underneath that catches the poop. The coop has a long, low door I lift up to slide the tub out.

Kind of like Platoon, but it doesn't slosh up on my hands when I change it.
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