Got a horse with a cold

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  1. A few days ago one of our horses began showing some signs of diarrhea. At first we thought she might be colicky since her poop had a disturbing quantity of dirt in it. We have elevated her hay so it is no longer on the ground where she can ingest the dirt with her feed. It has progressed to mild lethargy and a runny nose since then. My research has informed me that it is most likely just a cold she caught after the last heavy rain storm we had, since she has not presented with any further symptoms. Is there anything I can do to make things a bit easier for her while the cold runs its course?
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    Even after 47 years of owning horses I would immediately get a vet out for a proper diagnosis. A runny nose could mean an infected tooth.... Or just a dumb cold.... The tooth would need to be attended to. Sand or dirt in the poo could be a different issue all togehter... Up off the ground is good but what a bout the sand or dirt shes still got in her gut. There are products out there to help sweep the sand out but only a vet could tell if it were a dangerous amount.

    I wont even go into the contagious scenario. Your location would let me know if you have Distemper or Strangles in your area or if it were in my area Pigeon Fever.... or Dry land. Even so only a vet can tell you. Both those diseases have been known to flash through whole boarding stables to the point where you have to use biosecurity to just visit your horse. Even the farrier would have to sterilize everything in order to not spread it to other places.

    Call a vet even if you cant afford a ranch call he may give you some insight.

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    Good grief! Why haven't you called your vet? If you can't afford one, you can't afford horses - period. Same for a good farrier.

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