Got a problem and I don't know how to solve it.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by lovemychicks9, Jul 19, 2008.

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    Okay, I am making myself nuts worrying about these dang old Americauna chickens and I got a problem, ---- I think. I keep noticing dark tail feathers in the coop and run for my americaunas, they will be 14 weeks old on Monday. There is 5 of them and they are in with 5 Buff Orps. These girls have all grown up together since they were 1 week old. I am pretty sure I have a bully in the americaunas group, I have seen a couple of them pecking and picking at the other EE's and BO's. At night when it is roosting time there is always a commotion with the EE's and the rest and the BO's always seem to be the last to go to roost as the bossy EE's won't let them on the poles. I have noticed a couple of the EE's literaly chasing the poor buffs in and out the coop to keep them away fron the water, or food or poles. It is not an all the time thing though and I am not exactly sure as to which ones are doing it. I have noticed that these supposed sweet BO's are not as sweet and nice as they should be and a couple can be downright mean, I think it is from the EEs being mean to them. What can I do to help them get along? Is it normal to be losing tail feathers somuch at 14 weeks? I seriously think that one or two are plucking the others tails and I have noticed the BO tail feathers a couple times. I have also notice the EE's will get right up by the face of another chicken and stare and then peck at them, but not hard enough to draw blood, and not stop until the other backs down or leaves and then they will move on to another ones and do it again, is this normal chicken behavoiur or a bully in the making? I am seriously thinking of giving them away to anyone who wants them in AR , they .are not the nicest chickens and in turn they are making my BO's crazy , so any suggestions on what I can do to help them along at this late stage?
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    I don't have any suggestions for you, but I wanted to sympathize. I now have two coops because my EE won't tolerate any bird that she wasn't in the brooder with. She pecked so badly at my RIRs when I got them that we ended up building a separate coop. They do ok when they are out in the yard together because the others just stay out of her way, but if they are in close proximity, she really pecks them.
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    Mean birds = freezer meat [​IMG]
  4. I hope someone with more experience than me will chirp in. I have been told that roosts built on the same level reduce competition, and that's what I've done. It has something to do with varying heights like you'd find on a roosting ladder. Our coop is visible in the home page link below. Our girls are 9 weeks, very agreeable golden comets, and the pecking order is getting sorted noisily but with flock agreement.

    There WILL be a pecking order, and extra feeders and waterers will help greatly to be sure everyone eats and drinks enough.

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