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  1. Here's the deal: I have a year old black swedish, who was laying eggs regularly until July. She was laying nice big white eggs.... then nothing... in early May, I got 2 KCs a pekin and 2 mallards. The KCs, pekin and black swedish all sleep in the same hut... this morning, there was an egg, but it is smallish, and covered with strange grey stuff, that I can scrub off with the scrubby part of a sponge... is this my black swede just starting back up,and that's why it's strange? or is this another duck starting for real??? I might pen them up separately tonight, to try to figure out who is doing it... probably not the pekin, right?

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    That is the bloom. Some ducks just have a grungy bloom. I would wait a week or so and see how the eggs look. My buff just started laying and her first 2 eggs were tiny and grungy. The one she laid today is pretty big and less grungy.
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    Mallards would lay a smaller egg, and often times they are blue. So it could be from one of your mallards [​IMG]
  4. How old are the new ducks?
  5. born beginning of may, so 17 weeks? maybe 18?

  6. Congratulations!! [​IMG]
    So like everyone said, at that age those could easily be the first new egg, those often come out a little funky. Not likely the Pekin like you said. I separated mine to figure out who layed what too.
  7. I put my KC's (spring and Summer) in a 3x3 cage, and we'll see if I have any eggs in the morning!!!!

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