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Jul 11, 2016
Clifton Forge, VA
So..I am a newbie and we have talked for a while about getting chickens. Well...someone dropped off 2 chickens in the wild and the gorgeous black Australorp onew I would give her a home lol. I tried since Friday to catch her to no success until last night I found where she was roosting and tip toed through the poison ivy and briars and grabbed her off her pine tree roost. Put her in dog crate and checked her this morning and then left to go to Tractor Supply for her goodies and came back to an egg! I am getting her more family this weekend and right now she is in the garage in her coop checking it out. Shes such a good lil chicken and I cant wait to get her family.
Thank you! I just went down and held her for a while because she is scared and Id like to tame her down some. She has a knot where her throat meets her chest - is that normal? maybe ping pong ball sized. And a bald spot on her belly kinda area .. I hope once she starts getting taken care of she will be ok. The other neighbor saw them two last weekend together, but I have yet to see the other chicken so I would say something got it :( .. They could have left them in a box on my porch
The knot is her crop and it's full of food which is good. Some feather loss on the belly is normal as they rub some feathers off while laying eggs. Glad you saved her. I like Australorps.

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