Got Diarrhea?


6 Years
Apr 7, 2013
Orlando Flordia
My 2 little baby Red Sex Links had Diarrhea, and I was woundering if this has happened to anyone else or just me? I read a book that said that if they have had or get this disese that they were stressed out .So for begginers reading this dont make loud or sudden nioses or they might get this dieses. If not treated emetally they could die
. for treatment get a warm cloth andwipe it off till it the area is clean, you might need to use you hands if needed... i had to us mine ( swelling might happen this is ok). there isnt a chick in the world who wont scream while you do this, but you are saving it's life.
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I hate to break this to you but don't believe everything that you read, especially if it is written in a Doctor Aust style self help book.

It sounds like the author who wrote this bit of information is in the business of selling Prozac for baby chickens and he or she is trolling for mark... uh uh I mean customers.

A commercial hatchery not 20 miles from me hatch, and ship 250,000 or more baby chicks daily and they never ever have this "syndrome" show up in their chicks.

Don't you think that there is a lot of so called stress and loud noises going on in an operation of that magnitude?

I hate to see people taken advantage of.

I don't know what is wrong with your chicks but here is what I suspect.
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BunnyLover44. If you're feeding your chicks medicated starter feed, switch to non-medicated starter feed.
I agree with you Chickengeorgeto, she needs to toss that book in the garbage.
your chicks could use some probotics. probotics put good bacteria into the body and can actually help fight the bad. it will balance the flora of the gut. you can get probotics at the feed store or I use probios.order it online. it cured up my chicks poppy butt really fast! probotics are great for the whole flock. once the good bacteria is colonized its harder for the bad bacteria to enter and colonize . this would be great for your birds. best wishes.

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