Got me a Frizzle...what breed is she?


11 Years
Apr 11, 2012
Nova Scotia
So i ahve this little girls, she was born in June. I picked her up today and I just love her! Her and her sisters all have beards. The straight feathered ones were all black with flecks of rust color coming through at the neck. I know she is a bantam, but wht kind? She has lacing like a wyndotte.

Meeting Buster, her new boyfriend lol.
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She has a pea comb, laced feathers, feathered legs but a straightish tail, not the curled look of a cochin. Her sisters look just like the EEs I see on here, but black. Her father looks like her only roo like of course, and her mother is a very small black bantam with a beard, and no feathers on her legs.
maybe she is black ameraucana x millie fleur d' uccle

are her sisters for sure girls? I hatched some mf d'uccles crossed with a black silkie and the girls were that color the boys were black with some gold leakage.
Here is the sister. I picked her up today. The frizzle has a pea comb with only 2 rows on it. They are both the same age. This one has a single comb. This pair had 3 brothers hatched at the same time, they are all obviously roos. The lady I got them from really really did not want to give up a frizzle hen lol. But I talked her into it.

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