got my babies but one is kinda lethargic?


6 Years
Apr 15, 2013
i got them from a local feed store. I got 10 chicks.
2 red sexlinks
2 buff orpingtons
2 americaunas
2 red leghorns
2 black jersey giants

all are eating drinking moving around except one of our black jersey giants..he's breathing but just kinda laying there anything i can do or do i just wait and see?

Here's a thread that explains what I do when I bring them home from the store. Hope it helps...

I want to add, if you don't want to add the antibiotic, it's not a big deal. I just add it when there's a definite problem within the flock.
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thanks that is helpful! i thought i introduced them all tot he water but just incase I didn't i went and dipped it's beak in and low and behold she took a couple drinks and perked right up all of them seem to be settling in now.

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