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Apr 22, 2014
I have been trying to find good detailed step by step like a instruction book for building a coop with a materials cost but no luck, so I opted to by one of those kits. I got one from atwoods looks like a red barn. I am pleased with it, but once put together I would suggest putting supports on it, this what I did.

Took it out of the box, checked everything over, it was all there, before even looking at screwing it together out come the paint, painted any and all parts going to be in the weather, then started the assembly, at first wasn't bad, tip use a square lol. I got the coop part together, it has a storage in the top of coop and the two boards did not fit square see tip. But I managed, got the run on this is the weak spot to me, if it has to be moved this is where it will fail, the run in not real secure there is only six about 2 inch screws holding it on. So I trudged on, the roof was a pain, nothing lined up right but I got it worked out, and was pleased with the outcome, for a first time coop it will work, for a more better build one but will see how long this one will last, if not I got parts to patterns to remake one if need be. Overall its ok, says it holds 6-8 but think that number is high maybe 4. Its about 6 feet high at the peak, 3 feet wide and about 6 feet long, has two roost in side with 3 nest boxes, I do have a spot to add another nesting box if needed which I may before long. The latches to me are small and weak, I would suggest better ones or ones that can be locked to keep something from prying them open.

Now for the added strength after looked and thought, so I got 3 8 foot treated 2x4's, built a frame to put on the ground, I used these right angle brackets to screw them together, then sit the coop on top, the 8 foot 2x4 is two foot longer, but I put 1 foot either end sticking out to add handles to make moveing it around the yard easier. Once the frame done and coop sitting on top I use some L brackets and use 3 in the long sides and two at the end corners and anchored the coop to the 2x4's it was not solid and felt more secure. I also got some mall hasp and put on each door and on the nesting box lid so they can be either wired or locked to keep something from opening them with the latches that were on them. I haven't put a hasp on the storage door yet, will see if any signs of it being pried open if so then will add the hasp.

Overall now I am pleased with it, and feel its secure and solid and will be moveable, I am also think about getting those small 2x4 dollies that has the wheels on them to sit it on to roll around if it gets hard to scoot around yard. I am not in thinking mode again to add a run to side or front so they have a bigger open space to wander when we are not home, Once I get my pics of my phone and figure out how to load here or link them to my photo bucket I will post them to get everyone's thoughts.

The chicks are growing fast, already getting wing feathers to develop, and they went out side Saturday for the first time for a short time in the yard and they just loved it!, It was great to see them pecking and scratching at the ground.

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